"One more thing..."

As the season is about to start in less than one month , i was making a retrospective of my work , and i thought it was time  to go through my un-released pics' . 

I decided to sneak in  King of Nations Greece edition raw's  ! I've forced myself this year to publish only on a 40/70 pictures max per event , which leads to some severe "sorting sessions" prior to publication.
Therefore choices have been made and some great pics haven't made it through selection , that doesn't mean that those ones are bad  either ! 

I hope you'll enjoy that lil' album ! 

Oh i almost forgot , "There is one more thing ..." ; I tried throughout that first year as part of King of Europe official media crew to provide some quality content , ready to be posted and enjoyed ... 
That lead me to make new acquaintances , new friends... 
I'm also proud to announce you that i'll be working with our French Rookie "Mathieu "The Viking" Bareyt" through his entire 2019 series ! 
That will include two different championships , DriftKings and the French Drifting Championship ! 

Last but not least, I've made the choice of helping out DriftKings media crew through this tough year ! 
You'll be able to see my work on their social medias too ! (@driftkings_ig)                  

Wish you all some epic race prep's !

See y'all around the tracks !