Federal Tyres King of Touge / King of France Finals 2K18 Pipay/Les 7 Laux France

Hey everyone and welcome to this first Touge album ! 

I've been super impatient being able to shoot that kind of event , as it always been kinda "mystic" to me ! 

So this time the event is taking place in the french Alps , in Pipay ! I've been able to move on very last minute to this event , grabbed all my gear, loaded Subby up ( My WRX STi ) and 1H30 later , i arrived on this beautiful location . 

First sensation , calm , the calm before the tornado ! Could only hear my own footsteps on the ground , like super relaxing moment , add to this the epic view and the forest smells ; that's it PARADISE . 

But that wasn't taking into account what's about to happen : King of Touge 2K18 ! 

The drivers kept arriving throughout the day and even during the friday night ! 

I've been a spectator at two of those Touge courses throughout the close past and i must admit,  being able to go where no one can is super satisfying and can only lead to epic shots !  

It's been a first time i've been flying the drone for some Live broadcast , and being a drone Operator for the past 3 years it's almost bringing back the old "pressure" of my first flights .
But it was only some experimentations for the next races  , always try to innovate and offer new content to the organisation . That's my main goal !  

Coming from Oschersleben and arriving here in the alps , not only the atmosphere change but also the general vibe! Here everything seems so chill , like everyone being from the same family , super exciting time ! 

So here goes the qualy's everything went fine except few crashes such as the minor one from A.Rocci that ended into a destroyed front left axle . Thanks to the huge solidarity and unique Link between the drivers , they eventually managed to put his E46 back on the track during the afternoon ! 

I was impressed by some guys having  low powered cars , such as G.Bernard , with his blue e30 ! Stock engine , stock power , only modified and reinforced chassis , but he still managed so stick close to the rest ! Big up to you man ! 

And now comes the dark subject , the A.François and B.Boulbes topic. Everyone in the staff were preoccupied of those two . They had a huge "fight" last year in a different league , and we all thought those two shouldn't end up in battles together . 
And guess what happened ? Exactly what we feared , A.François VS B.Boulbes in battles ! 
But as grown up men , they fought loyally with no issue , and they even shook hands during the podium ! 

To sum up that weekend , I'd say that i knew that Touge were different , but i didn't expected to be THAT different from other rounds ! 
The spirit , vibe , atmosphere was excellent , even the public was different ! That was really a new thing to add to my "done" list ! 
I hope i managed through my pictures to emphasize what you wrote during this small article ! 
Can't wait to see what's next ! 

Baptiste B.