Federal Tyres King of Nations/Europe Serrès Greece 2K18

And here we are , finally after almost half a year following the "King of" competition , the grand Finale ! It was a hell of a long trip for most of the organisation , most of them were coming from Budapest Hungary , so they had to drive all the way down through Romania , Bulgaria and finally reach Greece 2 days later .

 We on our side arrived by plane directly to Thessaloniki , around 1 hour away from the track itself , so we weren't that much impacted by the trip itself . During our stop in Athens we got updated on the status of the crew still on their journey  , one dude literally started his trip from France , did the Austria Round and travelled with only his driver's license as an ID.That poor dude got stopped by the customs/police at the Romania/Bulgaria and had to stay stuck in a sh*t hole where no ones speaks a single word of english for the next 5 days ! 

We eventually made it , and the very next day we discovered the track , what a beauty , high speed/technical track  , that will definitely be a great way to sort out drivers during this round ! We definitely experienced the most technical track to shoot on , it seems than Greece had a different lighting than the other places we shot at ! 

We weren't lucky at all concerning the weather , around 40° during the day with literally no wind , except the breeze when each car passes next to us ! It was very challenging for me .
I literally had to change my way of shooting and adapt to the track and the weather.
It's been by far the most challenging place to shoot during this year
I bet if i thought about weighting myself before and after , i'm sure i've lost like almost 10kg easy !           

 I learned a lot during this round , dealing with weather , smoke , and last but not least snakes ! (not even joking ! )I saw a first snake when i tried to sneak behind the barriers (no pun intended) that are usually covered with vegetation , was legit 10 cm from it's mouth , i hoped someone got that moment on camera , would've shown my manly moves!

Competition clearly sorted out few drivers such as D.Saito / M.Zakouril / R. Van Goethem  from the lot after the first day  . Rick clearly got lucky during this round , he wasn't that consistant during that last round in Austria , and benefited from M.Checchin fail during the last day in their battles.

The weekend ended as it started , as a blasting final between Saito and Zakouril , those two guys are legitimately on another planet , full throttling all the way with two really distinct driving styles . Saito was clearly working on his clipping points and gaining speed between them on the transitions , whereas Zakouril was clearly trying to be consistent throughout the track ! 

To sum up , what a season ending , i enjoyed being part of that KOE Team for half a year . I couldn't hope for anything better for a start! Special thanks to Mike Procureur that allowed that project to rise ! Unfortunately i won't be part of the 2019 adventure due to some private issues. 

I leave you on those words , hope to see you guys throughout the years on other occasions .

Your boy Baptiste B.
Over and out !