Federal Tyres King of Europe Rd6 Oschersleben Germany

As a photographer and drone operator , i usually carry around almost 50 kg of gear in pelican cases , and guess what it usually don't match the airplane regulations ( drone batteries )

So the idea was giving all my stuff 1 week prior to event to a guy from the organisation  that lives nearby , he's the guy in charge of bringing the van all around the events .

I dropped literally ALL my gear to him , at the start  i didn't know him that much , but i don't know how i eventually trusted him ! So if you read this (Rodolphe) THANK YOU for taking care of my babies !  

So road trip started for my gear 1 week prior to my departure . I took the plane for Budapest to meet with the rest of the team !

 I arrived around 5pm and had to wait till 9pm for everyone to arrive, and here we go , take our seats in Mike's (organisation Guru) Camper for the next 12 hours !

 We crossed Slovakia , Czech Republic and we eventually made it to Oschersleben !

Well , we arrived at the track around 4pm and started to discover the places ! 

Decided to take the drone out to figure out cool lines to follow , and get some interesting spots for Photo shooting .

 I think i never saw that kind of weird weather , like in the sun it was a solid 27°C but when clouds appear and blocked the sun beam it was literally freezing cold  !

I never saw such variation in temperatures in my entire life . And here we are through the competition  ! It was an awesome place to shoot , a lot of open spaces that allowed me to figure out new angles , different things from other photographers .

 It was epic for me seing so many different countries here at that event ! Like the Greek dudes , T.Konstantaras /S.Grillis / C.Chantzaras that made a hell of a long trip to get their wheels to bite the tarmac  !