Hello everyone and welcome to my portfolio ! I'm Baptiste Billardello , photographer and drone operator . Been shooting for almost 10 years now as an amateur , been also flying all sorts of things for years to , and this year i decided to step up into the real world !

 I gonna try throughout this portfolio to bring you with me on my adventures in the drifting world!

 I've been into motorsports since i can remember things , but my love started clearly when i started to follow WRC and especially Mr Colin Mc Rae . Since then i've been stuck and got stuck to petrol related sports and i define myself clearly as a petrolhead from then . I've been put in relation with KOE organisation via one friend , and I hope i'll be able to make you feel the vibes that reigns around those events.

And here i come on the first event of my career , a very special event , as the track is purely and simply a NASCAR track , the track used in the euro series !
 I've arrived and discussed with Alex , the official video maker from the KOE team , and he stated " was in Pikes Peak last week , Larry (Larry Chen) told me that i must go up those FIA barriers and try something "
 Well that's what we did , he shot videos from up there and i shot stills I was able to sit up there for hours the first day , just in order to get some sunset shots . Next day i eventually got caught by track marshals that were salty towards me :p But isn't it the perfect timing to callout the quotation :"Who dare wins" I'm glad we both had this idea , we managed to pull out some sick shots from up there , and as far as i know we were the only two thinking about that position !

 Hope you'll enjoy my work !

Note to drifters : If you want a copyright free sample with no watermark whatsoever , feel free to contact me through FB/IG/Mail :)

Federal Tyres King of Europe RD 4 2018