DriftMasters Croix en Ternois 2K19

It's been a first time for me at DMEC .Clearly a good thing for me , being able to see something a bit different , something that everyone is claiming as THE THING .

 It's clearly something different don't get me wrong ! Main thing I saw was a huge difference budget wise , whether it's on the organisation side than the teams . 

It's been a nice experience overall for me , with some insanely good drivers performing to their max even during practices ! Was quite shocked seing door to door battles in practice , not the kind of things you're seeing in other championships !  


After scouring the track , it came out that there wasn't millions spot available for shooting , so creativity will have to enter the game more than ever ! I've discovered a sweet spot , right above the first corner , decided to put my camera on the monopod and grabbed few snaps straight above the bridge , was quite cool !

 I also realized how hard it was to focus your camera , holding your pole in one hand , and trying to tap on your phone at the same time!         

   Overall the driving skill was clearly above expectations, all the drivers were going in there full throttle , which is kinda disturbing when you came straight after some French Championship sessions ! 

I'll be posting some more quite soon , for now i'm packing up for the Nürbürgring 24H race ! 

See you guys in a bit !