DriftKings Intl Series Round 5 Melk Austria 2K19

There's places like Wachauring , where you immediately know by just discovering the layout , that some serious things are about to happen.  

It was a first time for us there , new track , new challenges to overcome ...
Drivers asked us for some change , we delivered what they expected ; A fast entry with this very long left immediately followed by a  straight manji section.

That manji was really technical as it required drivers to adopt the perfect line in order to grab those clipping points , one single mistake and you're out of your line no catchup possible ! 

This quick portion is linked to a more technical section , where the slowest drivers could catch up on their leaders quite easilly , and that let some epic door to door tandems. 

That was exactly why I absolutely love shooting Drifting , always an opportunity to catch something unique on almost every run . 
For the ones doubting about it , see it as the exact opposite of any other motorsports , where catching a flame / contact is quite rare . 

I absolutely crave that kind of tracks , that encourage the drivers to push their limits and therefore allow us to be the spectators of an insanely intense show . 

That's all for me ! 

Next event for me will be DMEC Riga ! 

I'll catch you on the next one ! Peace !