DriftKings Intl Series Round 4 La Chapelle 2K19

"Mountains are calling" 
"Go hard or go home" 

Those are the words that come to everyone's ears when we talk about this well known Touge course ! 

Last year I joined the DriftKings official media crew directly after this stage , which makes it quite symbolic for me . 

That's where I really discovered the talent needed to drift on this road . 

This year made no difference , all drivers knew that any mistake will be pretty much a game over . 

Since we had 3 rainy races since the begining of the season , I constantly checked the weather since I'm back from Modena , and things were promissing ! 

What a feeling it was scouring this road by foot , remembering all the epic moments I witnessed last year . 
It's a very particular vibe "damn I'm here ! " 

As expected , it will be a tough weekend for me  , trying to find new angles , new composition ideas .
So far so good I sneaked quite everywhere I could along the course trying to get unique shots from this weekend . 
But as you might see , I love action shooting , but what i love the most is lifestyle shooting ! 

I had many opportunities shooting emotional moments whether they were quite sad to completely delightful ! 

Kevin Fayolle crashed just before last clipping poing , which soaked the track with mud , which made the clipping point dangerous to drive through . 
Therefore judges removed it 

I was scouting a new shooting spot for the top 8 , opened the livestream and quickly checked where drivers will take the most risks .

 Choice has been made => last turn 

Ben Vavasseur and Yoan Savaiano pulled out some sick battles through this left corner ! 
We can clearly see that those guys train together ! 

Rick van Goethem although playing it quite safely  managed to fight vs Marco Zakouril !
Zakouril was clearly in a P1 fight mindset , which was proved  when he battled with Nicolas Delorme . 

Zakouril was clearly on another planet , can't put numbers on it but he was driving literally 30% over anyone else this weekend . 

From his different runs , he kept pushing hard right , almost in the ditch before diving this left turn which lead to an incredible ATK speed .

Unfortunately Marco pushed way too hard on his final lead run .
His rear right tire went into the ditch , which lead the front end to follow the path , and here comes the worst crash of 15 years of " King of Europe / Driftkings" . 

I'm not the kind of photographer craving the likes and fame , but I had to include few snaps from the now famous "Zakouril's x Delorme crash" 

On behalf of Marco and Nicolas , we shared this massive crash for safety purposes . 
I sincerely hope this will raise people awareness around drifting and motorsports in general.
Whether it comes to technical regulations ( rollcages , bucketseats etc...) too different zones (medias / audience) this shows that we were right strengthening rules ! 
I'm not the kind of photographer craving the likes and fame , but I had to include few snaps from the now famous "Zakouril's x Delorme crash" 

Let's keep drifting Safe and Fun !