DriftKings-Intl Series Round 3 Modena 2K19

We're back to Italy ! 

What a pleasure it is getting my lense back on this gorgeous track ! 

I've had an absolute blast last year , and I had no better expectations for this new stage ! 

Modena is one of those tracks where drivers have to dive into a high speed (150+ km/h) left turn , and then try to make their way to the slower part . 

This left turn is very impressive when you're standing in the middle of the track , you can clearly imagine what drivers experience when they're rolling down this long straight  and just initiate with a flick ! 

We could clearly see two different schools out there , from Rick van Goethem playing it ultra aggressive on his follow runs , to Yves Meyer trying to assure the line and clip points ! 

Was a first time for me shooting under the rain , all i can say is that it somehow helped some drivers to close the gap when it came to battles . 
That track is already tricky on dry tarmac , but it gets even more evil on the wet ! 
Even if smoke disapeared on Sunday , what a show we had out there ! 

Here's my official release of this Drift Kings Round 3  Modena ! 

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