Drift Masters Riga 2K19

Riga... One word that every tire shredding maniac probably already heard once in his life .

Decided to check out by myself if things were as advertised . 

As I disembarked my late night flight , my feelings were mixed .
Mixed as I discovered an almost empty city , with very few people wandering around . 
"Is this it ? that's the Riga everyone is talking about ?" was my first inner-self question . 

Next day we departed after double checking that no one forgot anything in the flat , finally I discovered a living town with it's inhabitants wandering around . 

Some of em' were simply about to go to work , others were ... Heading to this weekends main event : RIGA BABY ! 

As a photographer , location is key , there's no way to make story telling shots where the place isn't reflecting anything , but Bikernieku Trase was what we can call : heaven !  

This circuit is one of a kind , as it's almost directly in contact with the city center . 
What I really liked about that track ? It's layout : on our first section it goes through the forrest , then exits out onto some abandoned tribunes and finishes onto a  stadium-like scenery.
One of those places that I wanted for quite a while now , a place where I'll be able to play with lights , trees , and of course cars ! 

I decided here to let my creativity talk , please grab a seat and enjoy !