Drift Masters Płock Poland 2K19

Here we go , second DMEC round for me ! From what people told me , Płock is clearly one of the best events after Riga ! 

Can you imagine my hype when I recieved my accreditation mail .

 Let's hop into that plane direction => Warsaw !

My bro' Jasiek "The Squirrel" was waiting for me at the airport , and here we go for some quick sightseeing ! 

We started our trip to Płock around 10am the very next day . Quick coffee and we're on the road for about 1H30 drive .

Time to follow the media briefing and grabbing our media passes and here we are , entering the stadium for the first time .

First impression is " wow this track isn't wide at all" . 

We can all see on livestreams and pictures that the track isn't the widest out there , but once you're in front of it , it becomes obvious.It was quite a big disappointment when we got told that the football pitch was forbidden .

We got lucky that this afternoon was dedicated to practice runs , that let us plenty of time for some track scouring !After a quick brainstorming session , we decided to try out couple of  tribune shots .

Those became really interesting when the sun started to set ;  playing with the angles became a source of inspiration , learned so much out of it!

Then the race kicked in , had to deal with all the livestream cameras , other photographers/videographers that started to arrive out of nowhere ; that frankly made the task even more complicated but not un-doable ! 

Probably one of the most epic events I attended so far  ; Just imagine the mix between Night , race track , race cars . That's it the perfect match for an epic event ! 

Pictures talk by themselves , can't put more words on that event ! 

Next DMEC round => Riga Baby !  

See you guys there !