DriftKings Intl Series RD2 Tököl 2K19

Welcome to Tököl , small city located few kms away from Budapest .

Heres my story : I arrived Thursday around 2:30PM ,I  literally phoned everyone , but unfortunately no one could pick me up at that time . 

I started to ask people the route for Tököl , and in a huge majority people said => 2H30 with the bus . My mind was like "WHAT" -30kms in 2H30 , that must be a joke . 
I decided to stay at the airport,  finishing some articles and fired up Netflix ... Yeah what a start!

Mathieu "The Viking" eventually showed up  at  6pm  after dropping the car and setting up the paddock ! It was a hell of a long wait but when I saw my fav ginger I was happy again ! 

I've never been there , and Mat started to tease me about the place :"bro welcome to Russia" "It's an abandoned Russian Airfield " ...

I became so goddamn impatient , that i couldn't barely sleep ! 

Very next day we arrived at the track and it was gorgeous , what a scenery , you can have an idea with the header of this article ! 

I wasn't shooting 100% officially for the event itself so it allowed me to wander around more , chatting with drivers I never had time to get introduced before , it was awesome ! 

Then we eventually had some 62K Budapest Sightseeing in the evening ! 

We're Saturday 8:30 am , briefing time , everyone was still a bit sleepy , some of us partied , others were doing mechanic ...  
Morning was practices , Mat did around 5/6 runs , tried to get the perfect setting for the qualy's !

Unfortunately Mat kept strugglin' through the practices , and I let you guess what happened during qualifications => 1 regrip ( due to slow opponent) and 1 crash ... 

We only had the results the very next morning during briefing ! 

Mat wasn't that pissed , he just stated that he needs to get used to the "Drakkar". 
He eventually made few practices in the morning that all went flawlessly... 

As he wasn't qualified that left us with a massive amount of free time , I  just had to point the abandoned towers and he just smiled ! Here we are , we're on the go with the Drakkar for an epic photo shoot ! 

I can't say more for now , but be prepared for some uncommon shooting , I still don't know if we were allowed to go there , but who cares now , shots are done ! 

I'll showcase that shooting in the "car life" section ;) 

It's all for me  , I leave you here with the rest of my coverage that I published on the official DK page ! 

Now time for some gear cleaning and some rest before round 3 => Modena ! 

It's been your boy reporting from Hungary 

Cheers !