24H Nürbürgring Drift Demo

I got invited by my friend Rick Van Goethem to join him on his drift demo at the Nürbürgring

.It was my first time ever at this iconic track , and what a pleasure it was to be allowed on the track as well for my grand premiere !

 We arrived with my video maker friend just on time for the beginning , after let's be honest quite a  few issues ! 

We entered the track quite in an un-usual way in the back of a van;  it was really uncomfortable  , being squished between  tires and the the box walls itself  ! 

Drift Demo was scheduled to start around 7PM , which was in a perfect timing to grab few sunset shots . I tried as much as possible to use that golden hour to my advantage , and it turned out quite good ! 

Drift demo ended with the classic burnout session , that transformed that Dunlop turn into a smoke bowl ! I got told that the tribunes will be literally full , and god knows how overcrowded they actually were ! 

The crowd was incredible,  and gave this show such another dimension than a classic drift competition ! 
Everyone was claiming that this endurance race is to be done once in a lifetime , now I know why ! 

I might also showcase few snaps of the endurance race itself on the "carlife" section !

Stay tuned ! 

Nürbürgring ... I'll be back !